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Movie Director Markus Welter: »A lion tamer in a flea circus of nerds«

Markus Welter (48) is not only a successful movie director but also a sought-after editor. A combination of talents he shares with various famous role models. Award winning directors such as James Cameron and David Lynch work as editors too, much like Jean-Luc Godard and Lars von Trier, who have written film history far beyond the bounds of European cinema.

The saying goes: Instead of reaching for the stars you should be guided by them. Markus Welter who instead of working in big Hollywood works in little Switzerland, explains in his conversation with Marianne van der Kooi what film and TV means for him and his family.

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Film budget: Part 3 of 3

Calculation after calculation: Budgeting in film production

The saying so often repeated in football, can be applied here in the realm of communication with film and video too: After the film is before the film. As soon as a film is entrusted to its audience and the public, it doesn’t mean the job of a producer or production manager is done. That’s the real moment of truth. Not only when it comes to viewer ratings (or reproductions online), but also in terms of numbers and the all important calculation.

The success of a film or video depends on three things: Know-how, experience and talent. And that doesn’t just apply to the creative aspects of video production, but also to the organisational and logistical facets. Films are projects and have to succeed in terms of effect, but also comply with other parameters, such as quality, deadlines and numbers.

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Film Budget: Part 2 of 3

Budget Numbers: Calculation scheme for Film und Video (with example)

A job well calculated is a job half done. In this article Videothink presents a calculation plan for moving image productions and explains in this second instalment of the article series on calculation for film and video further important basics when it comes to the all-important numbers behind a film or video.

A film budget is much like a blueprint for what you intend to create. The film producer Ruth Waldburger of Vega Film once explained in an interview that for her the film calculation – besides the script – is the most important basis for a successful feature film. Her reasoning: Calculation establishes which tools, team and how much time the filmmaker can dedicate to each step in the filmmaking process. In this regard, the way the numbers add up has an effect on every decisive step of the creation process.

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Know how to spot a lack of Know-How

The competence to recognise incompetence in film and video

There are no less than 1’354’000 businesses floating around the Internet today that profess themselves to be professional film and video production companies – and that’s in Europe alone. So how can you be sure to find the best possible competence partner for your image film or web video? Here’s a few tried and tested tips and tricks, based on the author’s 23 years of experience in communication and film and video.

The first step, when sizing up a production company, is to get a good look at the work they’ve done to date (Showreel), as well as researching their background and reputation in the business. If they pass the first elimination round – once you’ve talked numbers and weighed up cost estimates – and you get to meet the possible candidates in person, that’s when things get a bit more challenging for the client. Not because these introductory meetings could be awkward, but because many producers are extraordinarily nice people, with great communication competence and of course, blinding charisma. This has its reasons. “The ability to sell” is part

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Film budget: Part 1 of 3

Budget: Calculation before costing in film und video

The Greek word parameter describes a special group of variables in an equation. In film and video the solving of that equation leads to the desired end result. The variables along the way are for example the budget, the quality or the deadlines. When calculating the cost of a film project, the way in which these variables or parameters are dealt with determines the success of the project.

Parameters in the film business not only influence the end result, but also each other. Much like buoyancy and gravity maintain a plane in the air, parameters ensure a project remains in the right balance. Key figures and parameters are two different kettles of fish. While key figures is a term for a fixed value, parameters are flexible. Which in turn makes them all the more special and valuable.

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The Hottie and the Nottie

Hot Trends for 2017 … – and what the Good Fairy has to do with it

At this time of year, as sure a thing as the yearly winter flu virus that sweeps across the country is the fact that many a wise guy will peruse the tea leaves in his tea cup and boldly predict the hot trends that promise to shake the world of communication with film and video this year. And 2017 is no different.

Even though once these stupidities are propagated they seem to catch on, repeating them doesn’t make you any wiser. So as we welcome 2017, Videothink – unlike previous years – will refrain from making its own predictions. Instead of creating a list of trends in visual storytelling, we’ve decided to share with you what should be more aptly titled a wish list, we secretly hope our Good Fairy could grant us.

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Excuses, excuses, excuses...

Cheap lies in film and video production: Top 10

They’re the ghost drivers on any film production: Cheap lies that inevitably come charging towards you like the multi-axis super trucks tend to do in action-packed blockbusters, at the most foolish of moments.

Born dim-witted and no progress to date? If that is the case and you’re not starring as Jim Carrey in “Dumb and dumber”, it’s probably in your best interest to avoid a career in film business. Stupid mistakes and excuses in film production should ideally be as rare as hen’s teeth. While well-established, mega industries like Hollywood rightly so speak of a film industry, film making on this side of the pond often depends on who you know and is driven by a “learning by doing” approach.

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One way or another

The Right Decision: 7 Strategies for Film and Video and beyond

Decisions have a great impact on our existence. In both our private and professional lives we continuously face – whether we like it or not – a multitude of options that force us to decide one way or another. Videothink presents 7 simple, scientifically proven, tried and tested strategies for decision making.

Making the right decision is an essential part of the way we define ourselves and a key factor of what makes us individuals. For most people, making a decision means weighing up reason and emotions or to the contrary giving precedence to either the mind or the heart.

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