November 2015

Optimising storytelling with the CSI-Formula

What is the most important common ground between a feature film and a video produced on commission for customers? Impact! The viewer’s emotions and state of knowledge should be different at the end of the film than before “consuming” it. The integration of key messages in a film concept can be checked by the client. But what is a good story? [...]

Efficient price determination in the sponsored film

Reverse budgeting and efficient price determination has become the rule in film production, for image films and product films, but also increasingly for video productions. If you think backwards for film tenders and pitches, you can often move forwards faster. [...]

Sam Esmail’s Mr Robot and the Digital Redemption

In “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (2013), Sean Penn says: Beautiful things don't ask for attention. Mr Robot proves his point. Director and author Sam Esmail presents a work which, with regard to its narrative and skilled craftsmanship, rejects all mediocrity. [...]

Checklist: Storytelling in Sponsored Films and Videos (Part 2)

Once the decision to tell a “real” story has been made, the creative struggle starts when working on the script. This contribution names the 10 most important items for successful storytelling in a commissioned film. They both help to improve the narrative quality and to support the evaluation of the appropriate agency. [...]

Storytelling in sponsored films (Part 1)

Sponsored films time and again decide to tell a story. This four-part series will shed light on the most important motivating factors and decision-making points underlying this decision. Part 1 explains when storytelling should be applied. [...]