March 2016

Reportage and Docusoaps: In the Jargon Jungle

Film and video has been involving more and more formats that strongly resemble television programmes in their construction and style. This is a trend that is growing, particularly when it comes to serial production of video content for the internet, YouTube and social media. [...]

Voodoo accounting vs. true-cost prizing (Part 2)

The price for a marketing campaign with moving images is of course simple to find in the total calculation. But it becomes more difficult if a budget is understood not just as a necessary evil and simple costing factor, but rather as a blueprint for a film - and you, the client, want to take a look behind the scenes. We have taken it upon us to put together some brief instructions for beginners about calculating costs for film and video: [...]

Virtual Reality: Storytelling between fantasy and reality

At the current level of research and knowledge, virtual reality has to master three major challenges before it can become a mega trend. Like all big challenges, these three obstacles may at first glance seem banal. The developers of Oculus and other leading innovators in the VR sector see that differently. They are fighting with 3 big challenges. [...]