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Camera movement in film and video (Part 1)

Mai 31, 2016 Videothink Team 1

Camera movement is a fundamental characteristic of the medium film. Nonetheless, a high degree of uncertainty frequently prevails as to how and when movement in communication with moving images should be applied, particularly in the image film and product videos or online videos. Videothink sheds light on the topic of movement in films and the film-related means of expression from diverse perspectives in a four-part series: […]

Checklist for the Perfect Film and Video Briefing

Film cutting is dead. Long live assembly! (Part 2)

Mai 24, 2016 Kristian Widmer 1

The remarkably quick artistic development of film can be traced back to the 19th century, and not just for the aspect of storytelling. Assembly itself also obtained its early constitutive capacity from this period: The literary realism of Flaubert, who used his words to force metaphorical significance out of insignificant detail, can also be referenced to film assembly. The same applies to the musical work of Beethoven, who created new emotional ranges by energetically extending, shortening and transforming rhythmic and orchestral structures. […]