September 2016

15 points every good film script should contain

There are numerous ways and possibilities of conceiving a film or video and of putting it in writing, be it for coordination or exposure. Whether an advertising film with a director’s interpretation (also known as DI) and a storyboard, or a synopsis, treatment, story outline, or simply a written document entitled “Concept”, every film script has a common denominator: 15 questions that define the final outcome of the work in progress. [...]

How To Communicate Effectively, Clearly and Simply

It is not important what is communicated. But what is understood. One of the single biggest problems in communication is the illusion that communication has taken place. Videothink presents checklists for film and video to communicate clearly and simply: Martin Epplers "C.L.E.A.R. formula" and the not less interesting and helping "Core statement principle". [...]