December 2016

Basics: Why every film has four lives and not just the one!

Pre-production can been done half-heartedly and shooting can either run smoothly or be a complete nightmare. From a production perspective there are many dangers that lurk in the creation of a film. It gets crucial or hazardous (but therefore all the more interesting!) in a different way, if you scrutinise the making of a film not from a production viewpoint, but instead from a perspective with the eventual effect in mind. In this case four single steps can be determined that can present the odd challenging hurdle or in extreme cases cut a film’s life short. It is essential for a filmmaker or commissioning client to keep these indispensable steps in mind. [...]

5 Deadly Sins for Film Producers and Production Managers

Producers and production managers should think outside the box from time to time and aim to set the bar of reference higher when it comes to measuring their own performance. This article states the 5 deadly sins every producer or production manager should keep an eye on. [...]