January 2017

The competence to recognise incompetence in film and video

There are no less than 1'354'000 businesses floating around the Internet today that profess themselves to be professional film and video production companies – and that’s in Europe alone. So how can you be sure to find the best possible competence partner for your image film or web video? Here’s a few tried and tested tips and tricks, based on the author’s 23 years of experience in communication and film and video. [...]

Audiovisual Trends for 2017 and what the Good Fairy has to do with it

At this time of year, as sure a thing as the yearly winter flu virus that sweeps across the country, is the fact that many a wise guy will peruse the tea leaves in his tea cup and boldly predict the hot trends that promise to shake the world of communication with film and video this year. And 2017 is no different. Although once these stupidities are propagated they seem to catch on, repeating them doesn’t make you any wiser. [...]

Cheap lies in film and video production: Top 10

In the film world there’s always the inevitable string of excuses and white lies that pop up along the way. Videothink has compiled a list of the Top 10 cheap excuses that you’re bound to be familiar with if you have experience working on a film or video production. [...]

The Right Decision: 7 Strategies for Film and Video and beyond

Making the right decision is an essential part of how we define ourselves and a key factor of what makes us as individuals. Videothink presents 7 simple, scientifically proven, tried and tested strategies for decision making, which will also come in handy for those New Year’s resolutions. [...]