Checklist for the Perfect Film and Video Briefing

Film cutting is dead. Long live assembly! (Part 1)

August 25, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

Films are not nailed together with a hammer but are intelligently assembled or artistically joined instead. The power and potential of film editing lies in its assembly. It is therefore not surprising that many filmmakers deliberately do not speak of cutting but rather of assembling or editing. […]

Why subjective perception in film and video really matters

Why subjective perception in film and video really matters

August 25, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

Films and videos are filmed by cameras or generated on computers. Either way, it’s always about working with image sections. The term image section already says it all: with a detail, or a part of the whole. With that and that alone, films and videos already have a perspective, whether intentional or not. Just like photographs, a film or video is not and never able to reveal objective reality. […]

360 Film Function and effect videothink

360 film: the truth about function and effect (1/3)

August 1, 2017 Kristian Widmer 4

What are 360° videos really able to do for marketing and communication in film and video? When does the production of this type of video make sense? What application are 360° films suitable for? What must be taken into consideration so that 360° videos are best able to unfold their effect?
From a technical perspective, the Internet provides numerous tips and tricks regarding the function and production of 360° videos. This three-part article series therefore focusses on the nature, the contents and the effect of 360° films. […]

Why Cats Are Helping to Determine the Future of Film!

Image recognition will revolutionise videos!

Juli 25, 2017 Kristian Widmer 2

It’s simply a question of time until computers will be able to automatically produce films and videos. With sufficient capacity, that which works for a single image will also work for 30 images (frames) per second. Today, feature films are already being animated on computers without a one single, genuine day’s shooting. Video editing computers will be able to add one and one and generate the perfect material for the perfect film. Disney says that in 5 years, digitally animated images of people will look no different from the real thing. […]

Optimising Storytelling with the CSI-Formula

Optimising storytelling with the CSI-Formula

Juli 25, 2017 Kristian Widmer 1

What is the most important common ground between a feature film and a video produced on commission for customers? Impact! The viewer’s emotions and state of knowledge should be different at the end of the film than before “consuming” it. The integration of key messages in a film concept can be checked by the client. But what is a good story? […]

Storytelling in Sponsored Films

Storytelling in sponsored films (Part 1)

Juli 18, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

Sponsored films time and again decide to tell a story. This four-part series will shed light on the most important motivating factors and decision-making points underlying this decision. Part 1 explains when storytelling should be applied. […]

Storytelling between Fantasy and Reality

Virtual Reality: Storytelling between fantasy and reality

Juni 20, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

At the current level of research and knowledge, virtual reality has to master three major challenges before it can become a mega trend. Like all big challenges, these three obstacles may at first glance seem banal. The developers of Oculus and other leading innovators in the VR sector see that differently. They are fighting with 3 big challenges. […]

Trends Audiovisual Storytelling in 2016 Six Important Observations

Trends Audiovisual Storytelling in 2016: Six Important Observations

Juni 20, 2017 Kristian Widmer 8

In 2016 the following topics will become more important: video formats for mobile devices, dynamic storytelling, authenticity, virtual reality, genre and wearable computing. The significance of film and video on digital channels, mobile devices and tablets will continue to increase dramatically. Visual communication is demoting online, text-based platforms more and more to the lower ranks. Moving image communications combine the swiftly increasing amount of information with relevance and emotions like no other medium. […]

How Much Does A Film Or Video Cost?

How much does a video cost?

Juni 13, 2017 Kristian Widmer 3

Your car dealer knowns how much a film or a video costs. Namely, exactly the same as a car! That’s why you should ask the representative of your preferred dealership. You will be faced with the same problem as in film: a Rolls Royce Ghost does not cost the same as the tiny Nissan Micra. Because not all cars are the same. And not all films are alike. […]

Color psychology in sponsored films

Colour psychology in sponsored films and videos

Mai 30, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

It’s not without reason that colours and film have something important in common: neither can exist without light. Research on perception and psychology proves that the impact of colour in a film is much more than a physical niche phenomenon. The knowledge that the colouration of a film is much more than a question of fashion or personal taste is lacking. […]

Checklist Storytelling in Sponsored Films and Videos (Part 2)

Checklist: Storytelling in Sponsored Films and Videos (Part 2)

Mai 16, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

Once the decision to tell a “real” story has been made, the creative struggle starts when working on the script. This contribution names the 10 most important items for successful storytelling in a commissioned film. They both help to improve the narrative quality and to support the evaluation of the appropriate agency. […]

In Brand Films Ruthless Arbitrariness often Stifles what it Wishes to Express

Image films are no chewing gum for the eyes!

Mai 16, 2017 Kristian Widmer 3

Films per se cannot work without viewpoints and perspectives. It is all the more astonishing that customers and film productions again and again forget to define this perspective right at the briefing stage and properly unfold it on the basis of the story and genre. videothink blog shows a solution to this problem […]