Adrian Teijido, the man who shot Pablo Escobar (with a camera)

Adrian Teijido (53) is one of the most established Directors of Photography (DoP) in Brazil, working all over the world. Videothink had the opportunity to interview Adrian on location in Colombia, where he is preparing to shoot the third season of Narcos, the Netflix series about the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar that is making headlines all over the world. [...]

Kristian Widmer: »Taking risks would be highly unprofessional!«

The newspaper Tageswoche has posed the question as to the significance action cams have for professional film production. videothink BLoG supplemented this interview on this topic with Kristian Widmer, producer at Condor Films, with an overview of the key data about the two currently most important action cams. Moreover, at the end of this article you will find an addition (as of February 9th 2016) with the first available information about the EagleCam that has been developed by the Fraunhofer-Institute. [...]

Wigald Boning: »Creativity can only thrive if your mind is free!«

Wigald Boning is a television presenter, musician, author, occasional actor and passionate shopping list collector. In his new TV show “Rock The Classic”, the well-known german TV presenter spontaneously takes up the flute and improvises with top acts such as the folk-metal band Eluveitie live on film. videothink BLoG wanted to find out what he thinks and feels about creativity. Wigald Boning: "I don’t think that creativity is contagious (sadly), nor do I think that it’s demanding (luckily). I have noticed two things: Firstly, strangely enough, the claim that creative people are psychopaths is most often stated by less creative people. Secondly, I’ve met people who although they weren’t creative themselves, possessed the ability to carry out creative endeavours thanks to certain mental characteristics – almost like a mild form of autism. (I am of course speaking purely as a layperson here; I’m not a psychologist or a neurologist)." [...]