Optimising Storytelling with the CSI-Formula

Optimising storytelling with the CSI-Formula

Juli 25, 2017 Kristian Widmer 1

What is the most important common ground between a feature film and a video produced on commission for customers? Impact! The viewer’s emotions and state of knowledge should be different at the end of the film than before “consuming” it. The integration of key messages in a film concept can be checked by the client. But what is a good story? […]

Storytelling in Sponsored Films

Storytelling in sponsored films (Part 1)

Juli 18, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

Sponsored films time and again decide to tell a story. This four-part series will shed light on the most important motivating factors and decision-making points underlying this decision. Part 1 explains when storytelling should be applied. […]

How Much Does A Film Or Video Cost?

How much does a video cost?

Juni 13, 2017 Kristian Widmer 3

Your car dealer knowns how much a film or a video costs. Namely, exactly the same as a car! That’s why you should ask the representative of your preferred dealership. You will be faced with the same problem as in film: a Rolls Royce Ghost does not cost the same as the tiny Nissan Micra. Because not all cars are the same. And not all films are alike. […]

Checklist for the Perfect Film and Video Briefing

The perfect film and video briefing

This checklist is an exclusive compilation of documents from the advanced training workshop entitled „The Perfect Briefing“ for clients of Condor Films AG. It cannot be taken to be universally applicable. Depending on the size, type and complexity of the planned film or video project, customised changes and adaptations may be required. For image films, product films, web videos and other moving image communication products for marketing purposes, formulating the initial situation and the task correctly and comprehensively is an important basis for successful collaboration with film production companies. […]

Checklist Storytelling in Sponsored Films and Videos (Part 2)

Checklist: Storytelling in Sponsored Films and Videos (Part 2)

Mai 16, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

Once the decision to tell a “real” story has been made, the creative struggle starts when working on the script. This contribution names the 10 most important items for successful storytelling in a commissioned film. They both help to improve the narrative quality and to support the evaluation of the appropriate agency. […]

Authenticity: Why good films should shine and even hurt a little

Authenticity: Why good films should shine and even hurt a little

März 7, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

How to best deal with the areas of conflict that arise when striving for authenticity in image film or authentic product films. In this articles, Videothink shines a light on the complex, but just as alluring areas of conflict that often come about when trying to achieve authentic communication with moving image, authenticity in image films or authentic product videos. […]

The phenomenon of invisible cuts in film and video

The phenomenon of invisible cuts in film and video

Februar 28, 2017 Kristian Widmer 1

Invisible cuts are no secret. They are not only implemented in big Hollywood productions, but are also THE standard in professional and effect-oriented film and video production. Invisible cuts are called invisible, because even though they are clearly visible and recognisable for both the eye and the brain (in contrast to hidden cuts), they do however go by unperceived by the viewer. In this article Videothink shows how invisible cuts work and how an invisible cut can be successfully implemented for communication in film and video. […]

The competence to recognise incompetence in film and video

The competence to recognise incompetence in film and video

Januar 31, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

There are no less than 1’354’000 businesses floating around the Internet today that profess themselves to be professional film and video production companies – and that’s in Europe alone. So how can you be sure to find the best possible competence partner for your image film or web video? Here’s a few tried and tested tips and tricks, based on the author’s 23 years of experience in communication and film and video. […]

Case Study

Cheap lies in film and video production: Top 10

Januar 10, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

In the film world there’s always the inevitable string of excuses and white lies that pop up along the way. Videothink has compiled a list of the Top 10 cheap excuses that you’re bound to be familiar with if you have experience working on a film or video production. […]