Condor Films Ltd. – since 1947

condor-films-zurich-switzerlandThe victory sweep of the moving image is showing no sign of losing momentum. Thanks to digitalisation, communication through film and video has become more accessible than ever. However even today, the domain of communication through film and video at times remains a closed book. Especially when it comes down to the nuts and bolts, i.e. where content, budget and effect are concerned.

Videothink is published by Condor Films Ltd., a Swiss film agency and production company with international dimension. As a film agency Condor also provides clients with media consultancy services in the realm of the moving image.

Academy Award Show 1991|© Condor Films™
Academy Award Show 1991|© Condor Films™

Condor Films develops, produces and distributes motion picture content for TV, film, video and digital platforms. The production house, founded in Switzerland in 1947, was awarded an Academy Award for the feature film „Reise der Hoffnung“ (Journey of Hope) directed by Xavier J. Koller (image left). As both a production company and film agency, Condor today unites all disciplines essential to successful communication using film and video, under one roof. The resulting

  • synergy, which ensures an unsurpassed price-performance ratio throughout the processes of creation, planning and production,
  • connection to longstanding, tried and tested know-how of B2B (Business to Business Communication) and B2C (Business to Customer Communication or Entertainment) to guarantee effective motion picture solutions for both online and offline platforms, as well as
  • interdisciplinary project teams to ensure the highest possible quality of both process and result

constitute Condor Films Ltd.’s most important and defining attributes.

Whether you need help with content or a technical hand: How and to what extent the film agency or film production company supports a project is completely up to the client, based on his needs, internal resources and own value chain.

Condor Group’s value chain spans the entire spectrum of motion picture production, from conception right through to distribution.

Condor Films: Value Chain
Value Chain Condor Films

Condor Films Office, Zurich Switzerland
Condor Films Office, Zurich, Switzerland

Corporate films and advertising spots, along with image films, product films and online videos stand at Condor Film’s core competency. With its wealth of experience the long-standing Swiss company has so far produced 1004 advertising spots, 1286 corporate films and 55 feature films. A list of TV series and documentary films can be found on the Condor Films website.

In 2006 the Swiss company Faro TV was integrated to the group with 100 % of its stakes. Faro TV is the largest independent Swiss TV-production company. Since 2001 Faro TV specialises in audiovisual serial productions and branded entertainment.

The know-how and acquired expertise in the TV industry means Condor not only is a great asset when it comes to expertly creating content, but also when providing specified service to a brand to help compel their target audience. Also the media and journalistic insight of our in-house TV-producers – with great proficiency when it comes to online visual storytelling – is exclusively at the disposal of Condor’s clients.

Since 2008 Condor defines itself as a transport enterprise for emotions and information and provides support for its clients in development, production and distribution of moving image content. Across all media. Across all channels.

Condor is one of the founding members of the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQMPP) a peer network of media production company owners with a current membership of 80 companies in 60 countries across all continents.

Condor Commercials Film Shoot
Condor Commercials Film Shoot

Condor Films - Shoot Image film
Condor Films – Shoot Image film

Condor Films Product Film Shoot
Condor Films Product Film Shoot

Faro TV Shoot for TV-Series "Rock The Classic"
Faro TV Shoot for TV-Series „Rock The Classic“