The perfect film and video briefing


Checklist for the Perfect Film and Video Briefing
Checklist for the Perfect Film and Video Briefing: Template for Sponsored Films

For image films, product films, web videos and other moving image communication products for marketing purposes, formulating the initial situation and the task correctly and comprehensively is an important basis for successful collaboration with film production companies.

Clearly formulated expectations, interfaces communicated at the beginning of the project and giving advance notifcation of deadlines can guarantee success in the project business and thus also in commissioned moving image communication for everyone involved.

Template for Sponsored Films

Template for commissioned film briefing:

No.Keywords for the most important topicsStatus
1.1Non-disclosure required or sensible?
1.2Contact person and contact details noted?
1.3Structure of project team mentioned to the client?
1.4Length of decision-making processes for approval processes?
1.5Check whether briefing has been received by the addressee?
1.6Send/Mention complementary documents?
2.1When is the deadline for the offer?
2.2Components of the offer defined (film sketch budget etc)?
2.3How is the offer to be submitted? (Email upload etc)
2.4To whom should the offer be sent?
2.5Minimum and maximum scope of offer defined?
2.6Reference films (or negative examples) mentioned?
2.7Distribution channels chosen?
3.1Quality requirements and desired effect defined?
3.2Length of the film discussed (guideline/aim/open)?
3.3Final technical quality/delivery format discussed?
3.4Distribution channels length and media defined?
3.5Exclusivity for actors (yes/no)?
3.6Mandatory shooting locations? (manufacturing plants etc)
3.7VIPs who must be involved? (CEO CFO etc)
3.8Versions of differing lengths?
3.9Versions in other languages?
3.10Pre-existing graphic elements? (Logos etc)
4.1Information about time of commissioning?
4.2Predetermined production period?
4.3Completion date/First screening date
6.1To Do’s defined? (What is to be expected)
6.2Don’t’s defined? (What must not happen)

This checklist is an exclusive compilation of documents from the advanced training workshop entitled „The Perfect Briefing“ for clients of Condor Films AG. It cannot be taken to be universally applicable. Depending on the size, type and complexity of the planned film or video project, customised changes and adaptations may be required.

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