Image films are no chewing gum for the eyes!

Ruthless arbitrariness

In Brand Films Ruthless Arbitrariness often Stifles what it Wishes to Express
In Brand Films Ruthless Arbitrariness often Stifles what it Wishes to Express. »Sponsored Films are No Chewing Gum for the Eyes!«

What the angle of flow of an airplane’s wing is to aviation, the perspective or viewpoint is to communication. Just as the right profile is vital in aviation, it is also crucial for the approach made to the customer in communication. The right profile ensures stability and lift. Perhaps this is something of a truism.

But it is surprising how many films fall at this hurdle during implementation. An advertising film which is usually the praiseworthy exception, simply proves the rule: in an image film ruthless arbitrariness often stifles what it wishes to express. 

And yet it would really be so easy! Here are some basics of storytelling in sponsored films:

Films and videos per se cannot work without viewpoints and perspectives.

It is all the more astonishing that customers and film productions again and again forget to define this perspective right at the briefing stage and properly unfold it on the basis of the story and genre. Films are not meant to be chewing gum for the eyes!
Films cannot work without viewpoints. It is surprising that many sponsored films do not have one.

Common mistakes

Hot topic or not, when one has specified the target audience, this does not mean this automatically defines the perspective or viewpoint. To find the stakeholders who matter, as Forrester Research points out, is a demanding task already.  But only the beginning.

The target audience is the „Who“. The perspective is the „How“.

In my experience, only a small number of professional film agencies are able to identify and construe the vital „How“ from a certain target group in a reasonable and justifiable way so as to convey emotions and information.

Even if the girth of the producer has grown together with his experience: one’s gut feeling is something that can serve as an indicator or as a catalyst. The considered inference should take place in the mind and not in lower body regions.


When a film project enters the implementation phase, it is like hiking in the mountains: Even the best map is useless when you don’t know how to read it correctly. When know-how and communication tools are missing, what was intended to be expressed is merely cinematically administered instead of being designed. Filming becomes just copying.

Optimists proudly call the result a documentary (failing to note that a documentary film in particular is characterized by extremely sharpened perspectives). I videothink these are wasted opportunities. Thinking about narrative perspectives doesn’t make a film more expensive. It just makes it a lot better.

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Kristian Widmer (49) is Executive Producer and CEO of Condor Films Ltd. He has been advising customers on film and video for 23 years.

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  1. The fact is, every creative director or scriptwriter, the moment he is forced to abandon his one-sided point of view by the client, immediately returns to cliches.

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