Winning a new customer segment addressing »Generation Y«

Case study


A company specialised in leasing of services wants to significantly increase its share of customers from the age group of people born between 1980 and 1999. At the same time, the company wants to become sustainably positioned in this target group. Simultaneously, prejudices and clichés regarding the segment as a whole are to be actively and openly addressed. Video and Social Media were established as ideal means of communication. Implementation follows without prior tender after a preliminary discussion with the Condor film agency.

In order to comply with the client’s corporate policy, business units and products were anonymised. However, the following case study is based on a real order. 


So far, the client had used a top-down approach to communicate. The new approach is to address the customer at eye level. This novelty has so far not been implemented throughout the client’s company.

Warning Signals

For this order, 4 factors require increased attention:

  1. The circle of intended recipients is known as Generation Y. This is the first of the Digital Natives, large brought up in an environment consisting of the Internet and mobile communication. In their characterisation and their behaviour, they are fundamentally different to the previous Generation X (born before 1980). Instead of status and prestige, Generation Y focusses on the search for meaning and the possibility of self-realisation. The contents and nature of customer address must comply with these circumstances.
  2. Furthermore, a divide between cinematically communicated reality and genuine customer experience at the concrete brand touchpoints, especially in the generation embodying a social change in values, would pose the threat of a negative effect.
  3. The client is aware of these risks – and therefore wants to communicate and release the definition and approval of the necessary budgetary means required for an audio-visual communication package only once concrete scripts and storyboards are available.
  4. Last but not least, the client is convinced that a “well made” image film pursuant to one-fits-all on social media and YouTube would “go viral”, which makes additional content, produced specifically for these channels, obsolete.


In addition, the budget for strategy and creation processes will be disconnected from actual media production.  Strategy work and the costs for the creation will be calculated according to time and effort and in accordance with previously coordinated tariff rates.

Condor Films: Value Chain
Value Chain Condor Films

Benchmarks are specified to ensure that the results of the creation will subsequently also be implementable in films at justifiable cost.  After a description of the requirements for successful visual storytelling on social media channels, the client is prepared to test a communication package which may consist of more than only one individual film.

A. The network

In order to anchor the perspective of Generation Y in the concept’s DNA, only Creative Directors from this age group will be assigned for creative work. Because the pool of talent available in Switzerland during the required period is too small, a creative pool will be recruited via the international Condor network IQMPP. This permits the presentation of a total of eight different concept approaches to the client within three weeks, with a favourite to be determined for further refinement and preparation.

The winning film script breaks with the approach of an image film: it focusses on a short film with a strong storytelling line, flanked by social media clips and a modular, documentary-like “making of” webvideo.

B. The film package

Three cinematic measures are approved for implementation: the short (3 min), a package consisting of five clips (3 x 15sec, 2 x 25 sec) for selected social media channels and an information film (5min) for employees and stakeholders, which illuminates the causes and backgrounds of the films’ production in the style of a “making of” TV documentary, therefore also giving representatives of top management a voice in interviews.

C. The flanking measures

The short and the “making of” film will be presented to the company’s potentially new customers at events, whereby – like in digital dialogue media – the complete implementation roadmap of the new customer address will be personally explained.


The campaign is currently underway. First analyses show that the objectives of the company will probably be achieved. Individual voices from the circle of the company’s employees indicate that the internal image and reality in the company are still very different from the externally communicated image. The client regards the resulting necessity of increased dynamics as imperative in a competitive market and therefore as desirable and important.

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