The image film which served as a product video

The correct film title

The Image Film Which Served as a Product Video
The Challenge of the Right Film Title in the Sponsored Film: The Image Film Which Served as a Product Video

Admittedly, how you name a film does honestly not make a sponsored film better nor does the title disturb the audience. The crux of the matter is what the producer deduces from the term based on the film title when the project request is submitted and collaboration commences.

If you invite family friends for a weekend together in your holiday home and confirm that it is no problem to bring the kids, you do not expect the grandparents to tag along. And, staying with this example, grandpa’s enthusiasm for the specially provided children’s tricycle will not be over the moon.

Conscious handling of correct terms for the sponsored film can mostly accomplish 2 tasks:

  1. On the one hand, the correct term calls a spade a spade from the outset. It helps to avoid misunderstandings in cooperation between the producer and customer at an early stage. In moving image communication, misunderstandings are normally expensive matters.
  2. On the other hand, a conscious approach to the term enforces confrontation with the film’s or video’s core task and therefore concentration. No film is able to meet all purposes for every audience on all distribution channels in every territory. Accordingly, the film title should also not indicate the opposite. Open definitions such as “adventure film” sound good but make as much sense as the archer who purchases his ammunition before deciding on the type of weapon.


Now what would be a film’s correct title of a sponsored film? In this case, feature film makers have an easier choice. Their market distinguishes between cinema and TV, fiction and documentaries, series and individual films and reverts to genres.

Without the awareness that they must be defined individually, terms in the sponsored film still remain the counterpart to the fabulous jackalope in the animal world.

Superficial knowledge often dominates in the sponsored film or video with reference to film definitions because of a lack of universally valid definitions. The following tips and tricks can provide orientation in the jungle:

  • The terms advertising film, advertising spot or TV spot are less captious, even if they are designated as online advertising videos. In this case, it should be clear to everyone involved that in the conflict area of intended purchase, image, prominence and sympathy, the heart of the matter must be reached cinematically within the shortest time possible.
  • The corporate video or marketing video is mostly used as an antonym to the advertising film. The image film, product film, testimonial, video series or CEO statement form a subgroup of these, whereby the length of the film is not calculated in seconds and they are not normally distributed for television.
  • Open or restrictedly clear terms such as “adventure film” are permissible if they are defined. The definition, which is always recommended – also for the above titles – by default includes naming the purpose, operation time, target audience, film length and envisaged distribution channels. The naming of comparable films similar in style and quality to one’s own plan helps additionally.
  • I advise against titles which only name the distribution channel. The term online video can mean any film accessible via the Internet, regardless of whether an advertising spot or a corporate video.


Without the awareness that they must be defined individually, the image film which is served as a product video remains the counterpart to the fabulous jackalope in the animal world. Already mentioned in ancient times and also to be admired several times in the Munich Hunting and Fishing Museum as a specimen, no variety of the jackalope is identical.

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