How many cameras can it be then?

Depending on the type of message that is supposed to be transmitted, before the decision about how many cameras will be used to shoot a management interview or a CEO-Statement it makes a lot of sense to clarify some important questions with one's film agency or production partner. [...]

Image films are no chewing gum for the eyes!

Films per se cannot work without viewpoints and perspectives. It is all the more astonishing that customers and film productions again and again forget to define this perspective right at the briefing stage and properly unfold it on the basis of the story and genre. videothink blog shows a solution to this problem [...]

Cinemagraphs: discrete musclemen on the move!

The triumph and the power of cinemagraphs is based on the fact that they are not perceived as a blatant advertising means. Videothink explains why cinemagraphs appear pleasantly calming in the digital cry for attention and sometimes develop an almost hypnotic effect. [...]
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