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Calculation after calculation Budgeting in film production
Film budget: Part 3 of 3

Calculation after calculation: Budgeting in film production

The saying so often repeated in football, can be applied here in the realm of communication with film and video too: After the film is before the film. As soon as a film is entrusted to its audience and the public, it doesn’t mean the job of a producer or production manager is done. That’s the real moment of truth. Not only when it comes to viewer ratings (or reproductions online), but also in terms of numbers and the all important calculation.

The success of a film or video depends on three things: Know-how, experience and talent. And that doesn’t just apply to the creative aspects of video production, but also to the organisational and logistical facets. Films are projects and have to succeed in terms of effect, but also comply with other parameters, such as quality, deadlines and numbers.

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Budget Numbers Calculation scheme for Film und Video (with example)
Film Budget: Part 2 of 3

Budget Numbers: Calculation scheme for Film und Video (with example)

A job well calculated is a job half done. In this article Videothink presents a calculation plan for moving image productions and explains in this second instalment of the article series on calculation for film and video further important basics when it comes to the all-important numbers behind a film or video.

A film budget is much like a blueprint for what you intend to create. The film producer Ruth Waldburger of Vega Film once explained in an interview that for her the film calculation – besides the script – is the most important basis for a successful feature film. Her reasoning: Calculation establishes which tools, team and how much time the filmmaker can dedicate to each step in the filmmaking process. In this regard, the way the numbers add up has an effect on every decisive step of the creation process.

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Film budget: Part 1 of 3

Budget: Calculation before costing in film und video

The Greek word parameter describes a special group of variables in an equation. In film and video the solving of that equation leads to the desired end result. The variables along the way are for example the budget, the quality or the deadlines. When calculating the cost of a film project, the way in which these variables or parameters are dealt with determines the success of the project.

Parameters in the film business not only influence the end result, but also each other. Much like buoyancy and gravity maintain a plane in the air, parameters ensure a project remains in the right balance. Key figures and parameters are two different kettles of fish. While key figures is a term for a fixed value, parameters are flexible. Which in turn makes them all the more special and valuable.

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How Much Does A Film Or Video Cost?
No difference between cars and films

How much does a video cost?

How much does a video cost? Your car dealer knowns it. Namely, exactly the same as a car! That’s why you should ask the representative of your preferred dealership. You will be faced with the same problem as in film: a Rolls Royce Ghost does not cost the same as the tiny Nissan Micra.  Because not all cars are the same. And not all films are alike.

Depending on the dealership and the represented brands, the answer to your question can be fundamentally different.

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Case study

Commercial for an app

In following the specifications of its parent company, the subsidiary of an internationally active financial service provider has initiated the radical simplification of all contact points with its local customers. Instead of forms and telephone calls, the majority of future customer contacts are to follow via an uncomplicated App.

The following case study is based on a real order. In order to comply with the client’s corporate policy, business units and products were anonymised.

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Calculations for Film and Video – Read and Understand
Three classic stumbling blocks

Voodoo accounting vs. true-cost prizing (Part 3)

In many years of experience with the analysis of film calculations and dealing with video budgets, time and again you will come across almost exactly the same trapdoors.

The 3 most common types of misunderstandings are: The domino effect, the electric shaver effect and the excel spreadsheet effect.

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Calculations for Film and Video – Read and Understand
About costs and profit

Voodoo accounting vs. true-cost prizing (Part 1)

On this we all agree: excessive expenditure does not exist, neither from the perspective of procurement nor from that of the producer. There are only costs. Understanding a film calculation or budget for film and video requires a concentrated amount of expert know-how.

But there are other obstacles. Depending on the originator, the calculation not only contains a total amount but also additional costs, seemingly detached from the actual film production. These are surcharged to the production costs as costs of action, profit or as so-called mark-ups (surcharges).  Numerous ordering parties ask themselves what exactly these costs entail and why they are not always disclosed and, if they are, why are they listed under different names?

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Reverse Budgeting as a Calculation Principle
Reverse budgeting

Efficient price determination in the sponsored film

Within the scope of a pitch, a customer requests offers for a sponsored film or a video  from various production companies. Theoretically, that sounds simple and makes good sense. 

In practice however, the inquiring party is often very surprised by the extreme, hard-to-understand price differences between the different providers.

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