Optimising storytelling with the CSI-Formula

What is the most important common ground between a feature film and a video produced on commission for customers? Impact! The viewer’s emotions and state of knowledge should be different at the end of the film than before “consuming” it. The integration of key messages in a film concept can be checked by the client. But what is a good story? [...]

Sam Esmail’s Mr Robot and the Digital Redemption

In “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (2013), Sean Penn says: Beautiful things don't ask for attention. Mr Robot proves his point. Director and author Sam Esmail presents a work which, with regard to its narrative and skilled craftsmanship, rejects all mediocrity. [...]

Storytelling in sponsored films (Part 1)

Sponsored films time and again decide to tell a story. This four-part series will shed light on the most important motivating factors and decision-making points underlying this decision. Part 1 explains when storytelling should be applied. [...]

Why situations are not stories!

It is not the beginning and the end but rather the before and after and all other things that happen in between that give the story in a sponsored film its value [...]

Image films are no chewing gum for the eyes!

Films per se cannot work without viewpoints and perspectives. It is all the more astonishing that customers and film productions again and again forget to define this perspective right at the briefing stage and properly unfold it on the basis of the story and genre. videothink blog shows a solution to this problem [...]