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Joerg Buckmann: «It probably helps to be a bit of an extrovert»

Jörg Buckmann has not only launched a meteoritic career as an unconventional entrepreneur and in-demand speaker. In order to achieve his goals, Jörg Buckmann has always relied on videos. In his interview with Filmpuls, he explains how the moving image can prove to be a valuable asset to communication. [...]

Voodoo accounting vs. true-cost prizing (Part 2)

The price for a marketing campaign with moving images is of course simple to find in the total calculation. But it becomes more difficult if a budget is understood not just as a necessary evil and simple costing factor, but rather as a blueprint for a film - and you, the client, want to take a look behind the scenes. We have taken it upon us to put together some brief instructions for beginners about calculating costs for film and video: [...]