Why Cats Are Helping to Determine the Future of Film!

Image recognition will revolutionise videos!

Juli 25, 2017 Kristian Widmer 2

It’s simply a question of time until computers will be able to automatically produce films and videos. With sufficient capacity, that which works for a single image will also work for 30 images (frames) per second. Today, feature films are already being animated on computers without a one single, genuine day’s shooting. Video editing computers will be able to add one and one and generate the perfect material for the perfect film. Disney says that in 5 years, digitally animated images of people will look no different from the real thing. […]

Storytelling between Fantasy and Reality

Virtual Reality: Storytelling between fantasy and reality

Juni 20, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

At the current level of research and knowledge, virtual reality has to master three major challenges before it can become a mega trend. Like all big challenges, these three obstacles may at first glance seem banal. The developers of Oculus and other leading innovators in the VR sector see that differently. They are fighting with 3 big challenges. […]

Cinemagraph discrete musclemen on the move!

Cinemagraph: discrete musclemen on the move!

März 21, 2017 Kristian Widmer 0

The triumph and the power of cinemagraphs is based on the fact that they are not perceived as a blatant advertising means. Videothink explains why cinemagraphs appear pleasantly calming in the digital cry for attention and sometimes develop an almost hypnotic effect. […]

Audiovisual Trends for 2017 and what the Good Fairy has to do with it

Audiovisual Trends for 2017 and what the Good Fairy has to do with it

Januar 17, 2017 Videothink Team 2

At this time of year, as sure a thing as the yearly winter flu virus that sweeps across the country, is the fact that many a wise guy will peruse the tea leaves in his tea cup and boldly predict the hot trends that promise to shake the world of communication with film and video this year. And 2017 is no different. Although once these stupidities are propagated they seem to catch on, repeating them doesn’t make you any wiser. […]


Visual storytelling trends

Juli 15, 2016 Kristian Widmer 2

The summer holidays are frequently followed by planning the budget for 2017. A sufficient reason for determining the summer’s stocktaking when it comes to trends, recommendations and best practices.

At the end of last year, it seemed clear which Visual Storytelling Trends would dominate communication with film and video in the future. Six months ago, the list of buzzwords was headed by virtual reality, 360° videos, immersive journalism, Wearable Computing and dynamic storytelling, all of which are finally and invariably poised to make their breakthrough and all of these megatrends seemingly as near as Brexit seemed far. And today? […]